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I found this company's website and on it, they advertised 1 nude basic strip show for 40 - 60 minutes for $150. The dancer was to arrive at 830pm and showed up at 8:50pm. When she showed up I could not recognize her because she looked nothing like the picture on their website. I gave the payment to her. She then took about 5 minutes to get ready and then I let her into the room where the party was and she began her show. At 9:11pm (had my phone in my hand), I heard the hotel room door open and looked out my keyhole to see the dancer leaving. So basically I paid for a 40 - 60 minute show and got a show that lasted about 15 minutes. The guys in the party did not tip her and did not get a chance to before she started hitting them up for cash, $150 to be exact, so that she could give them the same treatment the birthday boy received. They declined, and she left without completing the service I paid for.

I called the company and reported what had happened and they said that they would investigate and get back to me. They never got back to me. I called them about a week later and left a message -- Still no call back. I called them back about another week later and let them know that I was calling them one more time to allow them to remedy the issue before I report them to the Better Business Bureau. The receptionist (person who answered the phone) did not apologize for not getting back to me and told me that they don't take kindly to threats and that they did not call me back because the dancer said she was there for 30 minutes and when the guys didn't tip she left, so they felt that my party was not worth a call back to resolve my customer service issue.

FACT **The guys at the party said she was in the middle of her set begging them for $150 to grind on them too. I saw the *** and her bouncer leave at 9:11pm.**

I told him that if the show duration was conditional, then why is that not listed on the website, and that it should be so that customers can be aware that what they pay for, may not be what they get. If the pricing i saw read "40 - 60 min basic nude strip for $150 BUT if the party attendees don't tip or buy additional services then the dancer can leave with the full payment, and without at the very least staying the minimum time listed for the service", I would not have booked a *** through them. The Venus Dancer receptionist said that their company doesn't have to be forthcoming with their advertisement because they are an adult entertainment company. He went as far as comparing my transaction to purchasing a car.

I told the receptionist that the site listed a 40 - 60 min basic nude strip for $150 and he claimed that their website lists 30 - 60 minutes for $150. That is a lie. See the screen shot below of the pricing on their website. If the pricing is different now on the website, it's because they changed it due to my complaint.

These are the facts and I will be reporting them to the BBB Chicago and any other sites where you can report business that do not operate with proper business ethics. That you are an adult entertainment company does not change the fact that when you offer a good or service for a particular price for a specific amount of time, when a customer pays you what you charge, you need to follow through on that service or refund the consumer/customer their monies in whole or in part, depending on the incident.

Venus Dancers is not operating as a reputable company and my advice is to take your money else where.

**OPINION** The birthday guy said that when the *** "Erica" sat on his face on the dollar bill she had placed there, he smelled a mixture of *** and an indescribable putrid odor he would like to burn from his mind forever.

Screen shot of pricing…


Monetary Loss: $150.

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I Wish I would have read these reviews before I hired them for my brothers bachelor party. I ordered a package totaling 4 entertainers, the girls that showed up were NOT the same girls from the website.

I was guaranteed that each dancer that I chose was who would be showing up. I asked one of the security guards what was up with this, he informed that the dancers on the website are real BUT none of them on the site work for Venus and that these pictures are from 10+ years ago!

Dont waste your money with this company! They will threaten to call 911 if you refuse to accept the girls that are clearly not the same girls chosen from the website..

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